Eclipse shortcuts for java developers

These shortcuts can help improve productivity and speed up coding tasks. Here are some essential Eclipse shortcuts:

  1. General Shortcuts:
    • Ctrl + N: Open a new class, interface, or file.
    • Ctrl + Shift + R: Open a resource (file, class, etc.) by name.
    • Ctrl + Shift + T: Open a Java type by name.
    • Ctrl + Shift + F: Format code.
    • Ctrl + /: Toggle line comment.
  2. Code Navigation:
    • Ctrl + Click: Go to the declaration of a variable, method, or class.
    • F3: Jump to the declaration of a variable, method, or class.
    • Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down Arrow: Navigate between methods or fields.
  3. Refactoring:
    • Ctrl + Alt + R: Rename a variable, method, or class.
    • Alt + Shift + R: Rename all occurrences of a variable, method, or class.
    • Alt + Shift + L: Extract a local variable.
    • Alt + Shift + M: Extract a method.
  4. Code Generation:
    • Ctrl + Space: Auto-complete code or display context-aware suggestions.
    • Ctrl + 1: Quick-fix suggestions for errors or warnings.
    • Ctrl + Shift + G: Find references to a method, field, or class.
    • Alt + Shift + S: Open the Source menu for code generation options.
  5. Debugging:
    • F5: Step into (debugging mode).
    • F6: Step over (debugging mode).
    • F7: Step out (debugging mode).
    • Ctrl + Shift + B: Toggle a breakpoint.
  6. Organizing Imports:
    • Ctrl + Shift + O: Organize imports (remove unused and organize existing imports).
    • Ctrl + Shift + M: Add import statement for a class or method.
  7. Code Templates:
    • Ctrl + Space: Display code templates.
    • sysout + Ctrl + Space: Insert a System.out.println() statement.
    • for + Ctrl + Space: Generate a for loop template.

These are just a few examples of the many shortcuts available in Eclipse. You can explore more shortcuts and customize them according to your preferences by going to “Window” -> “Preferences” -> “General” -> “Keys” in Eclipse.

It’s worth noting that shortcuts may vary depending on your Eclipse version and operating system.

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